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Lunch Beat Oakland

hosted by Lunch Beat Oakland

Let's: Get your BOOGIE on for a lunch hour DANCE PARTY. FUNKY LIVE MIX of life-changing electronica by ... more →
Party of 50
Dec 12.
Oakland, California


hosted by Vanessa and Helena

Let's: Gather for a local, organic, seasonal, vegetarian underground dinner. For the second event in this dinner series: ... more →
Party of 20
Dec 09.
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

LGBT Night at SITE!

hosted by Mackenzi Farquer

Let's: Come together and transform my neighborhood shop, SITE, into a much needed LGBT Astoria cocktail hot spot! more →
Party of 50
Astoria, New York

Water Into Wine: A Pop-up Feast

hosted by Vanessa Pope

Let's: Start disrupting undignified restaurant practices by gathering for an experimental restaurant project at a private pop-up location. ... more →
Party of 24
Nov 18.
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Thriller: The Twin's Halloween

hosted by Thomas B. and Micah

Let's: Do Halloween the way it's meant to be done. Kegs of FREE flowing beer, consenting adults in ... more →
Party of 100
Oct 27.
Brooklyn, NY

Masquerade at SoHo Perfumery


Let's: Bring the tale of Gautier’s vampire legend to life through extraordinary dance, an exquisite musical set, exceptional ... more →
Party of 90
Oct 25/26/27.
New York, New York

Emergency Hurricane Chili Feast

hosted by Douglas Tuman

Let's: feast on some emergency homemade 5 alarm chili! Like the rest of NYC we are stranded at ... more →
Party of 4
Brooklyn, New York

Let's Do It Raw

hosted by Adriana Berestyanska

Let's: Take part in a paradigm shift - The Raw Vegan Social. Swing by and mingle with like-minded ... more →
Party of 20
Sep 14.
Astoria, NY

It's a Baby Beta Rooftop Kegger

hosted by Mickey, Douglas and Spyro

Let's: Celebrate the birth of a truly social network with chilled craft beer, fresh from the keg, and ... more →
Party of 50
Aug 03.
Astoria, NY

Cocktails and Cupcakes

hosted by CeCe and Alexis

Let's: Sprinkle some playfulness into an evening of sophisticated adult revelry with some delectable childhood innocence. We just ... more →
Party of 30
Jun 02.
Harlem, NY

Kentucky Derby Shindig

hosted by Rachel and Curtis

Let's: Do as they do in Kentucky - savor some delicious homemade pulled pork, get afternoon tipsy on ... more →
Party of 25
May 05.
Astoria, NY

Come Sail Away Loft Party

hosted by Claudia and Co.

Let's: Sail past the horizon of typical nightlife – this party is headed to paradise and sure to ... more →
Party of 60
Apr 21.
New York, NY

Feel'n Lucky Speakeasy

hosted by Amanda and Co.

Let's: Speak easy as we hideout from nightlife’s typical drinks and played out scenes. The elegant Lauren Davis ... more →
Party of 30
Apr 13.
Astoria, NY

A Taste of Spain

hosted by Rosario and Co.

Let's: Transport ourselves to the sun-soaked shores of Andalusia with an evening of authentic homemade tapas and a ... more →
Party of 20
Mar 31.
Astoria, NY

Macaroni & Cheese Party

hosted by Nicole and Michael

Let's: Each prepare a dish of macaroni & cheese large enough for us all to share (no mixes!). ... more →
Party of 20
Mar 24.
Mineola, NY

Sunset Soiree With Sother

hosted by Amit and Co.

Let's: Celebrate the return of daylight savings with the inventive bartender Sother Teague of Amor y Amargo, who ... more →
Party of 35
Mar 10.
Columbus Circle, NY

The Oscars Costume Party

hosted by Andy Vanman and Co.

Let's: Watch The Oscars in nominated character costumes, mingle over movie-related cocktails and finger foods, and place bets ... more →
Party of 20
Feb 26.
Astoria, NY

Don’t Call It A Comeback

hosted by Andrew and Co.

Let's: Get together and enjoy the best darn Super Bowl since Two Thousand Sev...... Four! more →
Party of 18
Feb 05.
Allston, MA

A “Blue” Super Bowl Party

hosted by Jimmy and Lana

Let's: Celebrate a great year from our beloved hometown Red and Gold by filling our glasses with local ... more →
Party of 20
Feb 05.
San Francisco, CA

MADMEN Cocktail Party

hosted by Kevin and Co.

Let's: Get decked out like the ladies and gents of MADMEN, sip Old Fashioneds, Gin Martini's and Brandy ... more →
Party of 20
Jan 21.
Astoria, NY

New Year's Eve House Party

hosted by Spyro and Doug

Let's: Ring in the new year with our own private DJ, expert mixologist, and some x-factor! more →
Party of 30
Dec 31.
Astoria, NY

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