Community Guidelines

Chowbunga represents opportunity and fun. It’s about meeting new people in an intimate setting and a truly friendly atmosphere. The result is a positive, shared experience that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, and with some new friends. Every time!

To keep our community vibrant and happy, for everyone’s benefit, including yours, please keep the following guidelines in mind and close to your heart:

1. Respect Your Host & Their Home or Place of Business

Your host is your superhero. They’ve opened their door, welcomed you in, and organized a great event so that you and fellow guests can gather in a comfortable, unique setting and share a warm, intimate experience together. Without your host, you might not be out, or worse still, at some crowded, overpriced bar, surrounded by folks who aren’t so friendly. So don’t treat your host’s place like a dive bar!

2. Respect Your Fellow Guests

You’re all in the same room because you’re all interested in meeting new people and having a good time. This is your opportunity to get to know someone in a fun and sincere way. Open your mind and heart to others and you’ll be pleasantly pleased with your experience.

3. All-Inclusive Cost Sharing

Our community’s ethos is cost-sharing. When everyone chips in, it fosters a sense of a shared experience and enables members to throw more lavish affairs more frequently. That said, if you’re the one hosting, and your parties are so awesome that you think you could charge a premium and still pack the house, go for it!

4. Respect The Value

Chowbunga Pop-up contribution prices almost seem too good to be true. They are all-inclusive and inexpensive, but that does not mean they are all-you-can-eat or drink affairs. Don’t bring an endless buffet attitude. Everyone chips in equally, so everyone deserves a fair share. And if a bartender puts out a tip jar at a party and is serving you well, you should contribute to it.

5. Age

You must be over 18 to use Chowbunga, and over 21 to drink alcohol at any event.

6. Content

All event submissions will be reviewed before posted to Chowbunga. So anything shady, illegal, unethical, or otherwise inappropriate will have to be removed. No escort services or swingers parties. Ha. And you must follow the law and all real world rules and licenses.

7. Fees

During the beta, Chowbunga tacks on a 20% fee on all ticket sales.

8. Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Only if an event is cancelled will ticket purchases be refunded.

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