You are...
Plugged in but your passion is to get out and socialize in the flesh! You love discovering hip, off-beat things to do in NYC and sharing your experiences on the go with your friends and followers. You've got quick thumbs and a witty way with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You're so fluent in social media that you find yourself ending real sentences with phrases like "hashtag...awesome" and sometimes wish real life could be in "X-pro II" wash. People can’t resist reading your updates and blog postings, especially when they need to know where the party is at.

We are...
The world's first and only pop-up party platform. is a place to discover pop-up parties and meet new people. We make it simple for strangers, acquaintances and old friends wishing to socialize together, to chip in and throw extraordinary private parties that pop up in unique settings, like underground dinner parties in Brooklyn apartments or cocktail soirees after-hours at SoHo storefronts. When partygoers unite, going out life becomes rewarding: A night out becomes a novel experience, meeting new people simply happens, and people's wallets stay plump! Join us on our quest to bring the underground above ground and to disrupt the tired and inadequate going-out scene. We need a part-time Social Media & Marketing Intern to join our founding team of three (Doug, Spyro and Mickey).

What you'll be doing
Playing a vital role in Chowbunga’s early growth. To start, we need you to dedicate about 10-12 hours eagerly attending to the following tasks each week:

  • Manage our Twitter and Facebook accounts daily.
  • Research and write content for our blog.
  • Curate a list of 5-10 pop-up style events that are happening in the NYC area, and write the list up in a catchy blog entry. The list will include Chowbunga events and non-Chowbunga events that fit within the definition of a pop-up party. We will show you where to begin your research to discover these events and give you criteria to select which ones make the weekly list. This task will also include drafting a weekly newsletter to thousands of subscribers that will reference the weekly event list.
  • Edit copy for the site and our system emails to keep the content fresh and relevant to our current features, and to ensure a human connection with our audience.
  • Attend Chowbunga parties and Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook the action in real-time.
  • Be a critical team member in all creative and strategic decision making.
  • Most of the work can be performed remotely, but ideally you will work alongside us 1 day a week from our office in Astoria.

What's in it for you?

  • Gain uber relevant real-world experience with a NYC startup
  • Competitive weekly stipend
  • Attend Chowbunga events for free
  • Ride shotgun in Spyro's Jeep or on the back of Doug's Ducati

Is this rabbit hole for you?
Tell us why you want to jump in at [email protected]