"The party was an absolute blast! Everyone was supremely friendly. We'll definitely be sure to tell our friends about Chowbunga, for sure."
- Josh and Maggie from Feel'n Lucky

Going out life as we know it

At Chowbunga, we believe going out life leaves a lot to be desired. If you’ve been out once, you’ve been out a thousand times; new experiences are hard to come by. On top of that, most things are overpriced, the crowds can be a hassle, and meeting new people is painful.

Stop searching and start experiencing

Why bounce around from restaurant to bar to club...looking for the ideal social scene, when you can customize your own with friends and interesting new people you wish to meet? Let’s tear down the walls of typical going out life!

Chowbunga is a new social option!

Welcome to Chowbunga, a platform that makes it simple for people wishing to socialize together, to chip in and throw extraordinary private parties that pop up in unique settings. When partygoers unite, going out life improves: A night out becomes a novel experience, social interactions among strangers become more genuine, ambiances become more customized, and quality improves while costs drop.

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