Host a Pop-up

Host a Pop-up to have the scene come to you. Handpick your guests to connect with the people you want to meet.

All guests chip in to cover your costs, so hosting is free! If your parties get good enough, you could even start making a buck or two.

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Pop-Up Features


All events are kickstarted, meaning a party doesn't "pop" until enough guests RSVP, so hosts know what to expect.


All guests chip in so the cost of hosting is shared equally.


Hosts review invite requests to decide whom to invite.


Keep old friends in the mix by sending them a direct invite so they can chip in too.

Ways to get Pop'n...


Take full control and throw your own unique Pop-up from scratch.

Brunch, dinner parties, cocktails, performances, themed events, games, cooking classes and more, a Pop-up can be anything and happen anywhere.

Set a ticket price to cover your costs and keep any extra money you make.


Just open your door and let the party come to you.

You provide the venue, select the guests you want to attend, and choose which bartender or chef you want to show-up and CB will do the rest.

You even get a split of the tip jar!


Hosting a good old fashioned gathering amongst close friends?

Spice it up by posting it on Chowbunga
to see if any other members
would like to join.

Example: Backyard bbq with 5 friends, looking to meet 3 new people. Join us!


Shop owners can host Pop-ups too

Host a storefront pop-up to build buzz, generate sales, get to know your customers and meet new ones.

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