How It Works

Get started by attending a Pop-up as a guest or hosting your own. Joining Chowbunga is FREE!

Attend a Pop-up

  1. Find a Pop-up

    Check-out the “Find a Pop-up” section to discover parties that are popping up in your area.

  2. Request an Invite

    Request an Invite to any Pop-ups that intrigue you, on behalf of you and your guest.

  3. Receive an Invitation

    Hosts will review requests and grant invitations to those they’d like to attend their event. If you receive an invitation from a host, you can then reserve a ticket for you and your guest.

  4. Party time!

    All events are pop-started. If enough people reserve a ticket before the deadline set by the host, the party is on, and only then will your credit card be charged for the ticket you reserved.

Host a Pop-up

  1. Create a Pop-up

    You can create your own unique Pop-up from scratch, or host an Insta-Pop and have a cutting-edge mixologist or chef show up at your door with all the necessary goodies.

  2. Pop-start it

    Set a goal for the number of guests you would like to host and a ticket price per guest to cover your costs. Only if enough guests commit to attending by reserving a ticket, will you then be committed to hosting the party.

  3. Invite people you want to meet and old friends too

    Review your invite requests and select whom you’d like to invite. Easily keep old friends in the mix by sharing your Pop-up on Facebook and/or sending out invites directly via email.

  4. Party on!

    Gather what you need for the party and get reimbursed in no time as Chowbunga will send you a check equal to the gross amount of your ticket sales.

After Party

Stay in contact and interact with the people you met by becoming “Pop-up Pals” with them to be notified when they are hosting or attending new events, message them to stay in touch, and/or “High Five” them to signal to the rest of the community that they’re good peops.

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