It's a Baby Beta Rooftop Kegger

Let's: Celebrate the birth of a truly social network with chilled craft beer, fresh from the keg, and a pristine view of the NYC skyline laid out before us on the roof of Chowbunga HQ. It's a beta baby!

We’d love to host: New friends and old, young professionals, happening urbanites (i.e., fellow Astorians); other, more lowly borough dwellers also welcome! :) Anyone who craves a rooftop craft beer kegger. Link:

The Rundown

Tickets are all inclusive (as with all Chowbunga Pop-ups)

We have spent this sweltering summer tinkering away building the full Chowbunga platform, and boy are we thirsty! Join us for our first event via our brand spanking new website, as we all make new friends and kumbaya around freshly tapped kegs. Since it is the first event, we, the CB founders, will be hosting this one and looking for your feedback. Once we work out any of the kinks with this first event you can expect great parties to start popping-up everywhere!

KEG #1 Goose Island

Which variety? That's a surprise

KEG #2 Old Speckled Hen

Serving one of the old hens.


DJ...or a baby and a boombox

Dress Code

Be yourself! :)

Other Details

The ratio of fair ladies to distinguished gents will be kept as close to 50/50 as possible.


About your Host:

Spyro K., Mickey C., Douglas T.

We believe a fresh new dimension to "going out life" is possible--a way to meet new people through shared, intimate experiences as opposed to the tired and inadequate bar/club/restaurant scene. That's why we set out to develop Chowbunga, an Internet platform with a real world focus, one that enables new friends and old to unite through private and unique social events. We are leading by example by throwing the first Chowbunga beta event. While the beer selection is top notch and the view stellar, we hope everyone will realize it's the magic of camaraderie that makes the night unforgettable. Forget the bars and clubs, a new social revolution has begun!

About your DJ:

Peter N.

Inspired by a variety of energetic beats and rhythms, DJ Peter Napoli has kept the dance floor humming at clubs (District 36, Club Rebel, No. 1 Front Street in Brooklyn and High Tea on Fire Island) and bars and restaurants (Industry and Elmo) throughout NY, and currently keeps gym goers pushing the limit at David Barton Gym. Known for his ability to spin many styles of music, whether house, dance, pop, progressive or Top 40's, you will always know that the energy, sound and passion is instinctively DJ Peter Napoli. You can check him out on soundcloud and Like him on Facebook.


Event Details


Astoria, NY

Party of 50

Start date/time:
Aug 03. 2012   20:30

End date/time:
Aug 04. 2012   01:00

Contribution, starting from:

This party was a success!


31, Male

35, Male

34, Male



28, Female

35, Female

27, Female

34, Female

36, Female

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