Cocktails and Cupcakes

Let's: Sprinkle some playfulness into an evening of sophisticated adult revelry with some delectable childhood innocence. We just couldn't get our hands on a merry-go-round!

We’d love to host: Effervescent young professionals with a sweet tooth for cocktails and adventure.

The Rundown

Tickets are all inclusive (as with all Chowbunga Pop-ups)

The formula is simple: Round up some interesting new people to meet, book one of the best mixologists in town, and avoid a typical night out by throwing a private cocktail party at far greater convenience, comfort and value. If you catch our drift, come on down.

Party starts at 9pm! The star of the show will be Sother (aka: @creativedrunk) and the specialty cocktails he will be devising for the affair.

Specialty Cocktails and Punch

Bucks Fizz - Cherry brandy, orange juice, sparkling wine
Knicker Twist - Vodka, apricot jam, lime and curacao
Rye Cappuccino - Rye whiskey infused with orange peels and espresso beans shaken with espresso and served up

Rum Runner Punch - Light and Dark rums, blackberry and banana liqueurs, orange juice and house made grenadine


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Mickey C.



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Harlem, NY

Party of 30

Start date/time:
Jun 02. 2012   21:00

End date/time:
Jun 02. 2012   00:00

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31, Male


No guests yet.

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