Max’s Pool Party Field Trip

Let's: Escape the city and hop on a big yellow school bus to the Hamptons! We'll pretend Labor Day never happened as we milk every last drip of Vitamin D out of the summer with a few artisan cocktails pool-side at a luxurious East Quogue home.

We’d love to host: Those unwilling to hang up their speedo or bikinis until after the best pool party of the summer. Link:

The Rundown

Tickets are all inclusive (as with all Chowbunga Pop-ups)

Max, aka the Brooklyn Bar Chef, has taken his show on the road, and is popping up at a swank Hampton’s location to serve up an assortment of Brugal Rum cocktails devised specifically for this event. Head out to a private East Quogue home for a day of sun, cocktails, and pool! Party starts at Noon and goes to 5pm. You can reserve a $20 ticket and make your own way to and from the party, or you can grab a $25 ticket that includes a yellow school bus ride to and from the party. Don't forget your permission slips!


Dark Side of the Melon
Brugal Extra Dry Rum, Cantaloupe and Lemongrass syrup, Red Rooibos-infused honey syrup, fresh lime juice and sparkling sake!

Haikuin' with Mr. Basho
Brugal Extra Dry Rum, Hadouken Banana Cordial, Nigori Sake and a kiss of Demerara syrup

more to come...


Pool and DJ

Dress Code

Pool-side Hamptons wear - something that looks good wet.


A School bus! The $25 ticket option includes a yellow school bus ride to and from the party. The bus will be leaving for the party at 11am, near one of the main subway stops in Astoria, and will leave Quogue at 5pm. The exact bus stop location will be sent with your ticket. If you reserve the $20 ticket, you will need to find your own way to and from the party. The exact address of the party will be sent with your ticket.


About your Host:

Mickey C., Spyro K., Douglas T.

We believe a fresh new dimension to "going out life" is possible--a way to meet new people through shared, intimate experiences as opposed to the tired and inadequate bar/club/restaurant scene. That's why we set out to develop Chowbunga, an Internet platform with a real world focus, one that enables new friends and old to unite through private and unique social events. Forget the bars and clubs, a new social revolution has begun!

About your Mixologist:

Max Messier

Max Messier - The Brooklyn Bar Chef - is a renaissance man of booze and cocktails. Max hosts a series of pop-up cocktail parties entitled "The Brooklyn Pop-Up Cocktail Hour" and "The Cocktail Front" - a gathering of spirits, music, food and cocktails bringing together his market-driven cocktail program with the denizens of New York City in private homes, lofts and businesses. With the support of the liquor label Brugal Rum (that’s right, he is so good he has sponsors) he has decided to venture out of Brooklyn and take his cocktails on the road. The last stop on his summer tour is a Chowbunga pool party in the Hamptons.

In addition, Max is working on a new bar and restaurant called "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot". Max has been featured in The New York Post, The New Yorker, Time Out New York, Metro NY, The Brooklyn Paper, and various food and spirits-focused blogs. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook

About your Sponsor:


Brugal Extra Dry Rum: A cask-aged white rum that lives up to the dry Brugal house style, Brugal Extra Dry begs one to rethink his or her perception not only of white rum, but of rum in general. Brugal’s proprietary double-distillation technique creates a dry and clean spirit with fewer of the heavy alcohols that lend other rums their sweeter profiles. This blend of rums – aged a minimum of two years up to five years in White American Oak casks – is triple charcoal filtered to achieve exquisite clarity and conjures a velvety mouthfeel as a result of an exceptional aging process.

Brugal Extra Dry’s unparalleled smoothness and drinkability makes it a superlative white rum to drink on the rocks, while its one-of-a-kind dry character mixes for better, more balanced cocktails.


Event Details


East Quogue, NY

Party of 60

Start date/time:
Sep 08. 2012   13:00

End date/time:
Sep 08. 2012   17:00

Contribution, starting from:


31, Male

35, Male

34, Male



24, Male

23, Male

84, Female

29, Female

43, Female

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