Emergency Hurricane Chili Feast

Let's: feast on some emergency homemade 5 alarm chili! Like the rest of NYC we are stranded at home. The restaurants and stores may be closed, but we are cooking up a big pot of chili and are ready to entertain new friends.

We’d love to host: Anyone who can make it to our apartment! We are a block away from Zone A in Greenpoint and will be holding strong with chili and beer. Request an invite if you rather chill than panic!

http://cwbg.co/QuIksx Link:

The Rundown

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My wife and I figure what better way to meet some new people in a fun, cost effective, and unique way, than by having a few strangers over for an emergency chili feast. We did some shopping this morning and are hunkered down. Make your way here and we will feast on chili and drink beer and experience the storm in a memorable way. Where were you when Sandy struck?


We have beer and liquor for a cocktail or two on hand.


We made a huge pot of HOT chili. Three types of beans, chopped meat, chopped turkey, lots of spices, pablano, jalapeno, and chilpotle peppers. Served over rice with cheddar and tortilla chips.


About your Host:

Douglas T.

We just moved to Greenpoint and want to go on a friend-making adventures without leaving our home. So come on over and join us for dinner. Doug is a Patent Attorney and entrepreneur and Malwina works in clinical research.



Brooklyn, New York

Party of 4

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35, Male

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