Let's: Gather for a local, organic, seasonal, vegetarian underground dinner. For the second event in this dinner series: bring your own small wooden cutting board (yes, that is going to be your plate!), fork, knife, spoon, napkin and a glass of your choice!

We’d love to host: New friends and community members interested in partaking in a warm, communal and eco-friendly feast. This is the second event in a series being hosted by Co-Chefs Vanessa Pope and Helena Schouenborg. Guests from the first event are encouraged to attend again, and are being offered a 10% discount.

http://cwbg.co/11lofJM Link:

The Rundown

Tickets are all inclusive (as with all Chowbunga Pop-ups)


GlØgg + appetizers

Roasted cauliflower soup with crisp florets

Winter arugula salad with mixed seeds, light garlic vinaigrette

Rustic chickpea curry burger enclosed in a spelt bun served with assorted root vegetable Fries + artisan dipping sauces

Selection of fine cheeses + fruit from the farmers market

Pecan + honey tart with organic whipped cream


Complimentary Holiday GlØgg (Traditional Scandinavian mulled wine)
Wines available for purchase with dinner ($15) or BYOB


Conversation Theme: Holiday Traditions.
Dress code: Pick out your most tacky holiday sweater / outfit to win a 30% discount for you +1 for another underground dinner event at END.GRAIN (currently scheduled for twice per month).


$30.60: Repeat guests 10% discount (BYOB or wine available for purchase).
$34.00: First time guests (BYOB or wine available for purchase).


About your Co-Chef:

Vanessa P.

Vanessa Pope is a chef and co-founder of this underground dinner series. The first event in the series was called WATER INTO WINE and has since changed to END.GRAIN, after Vanessa teamed up with chef Helena Schouenborg. Vanessa was raised in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and California. She attended Harvard from 2003-2007 where she studied French, film production and sociology. After school she spent two years working in Paris, teaching English to stockbrokers and bartending at night clubs. She has spent the last five years living in Los Angeles and working with several farm to table restaurants at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. After years of working in restaurants (in literally every capacity-- from dishwasher, to busgirl, to waitress, to hostess, to manager, to sales manager, to executive chef), she has decided that something must change in the restaurant industry. Vanessa is working on various projects that will hopefully re-shape restaurants and remove undignified positions from the restaurant industry. For more information on these projects, feel free to email Vanessa directly.

About your Co-Chef:

Helena S.

Helena Schouenborg is one of the chefs at End.Grain, an underground dinner series founded together with Vanessa Pope in 2012. Helena moved to New York in 2009 after finishing her degree as an Addiction Counselor in her home country, Denmark. Since then, she has developed several skills and has been freelancing as a yoga instructor, artist, reiki healer, and Danish teacher as well as a chef, and her love for the ebullient city has kept growing.

Helena grew up with her grand parents having their own bakery as well as her father teaching bakery art and therefore her love for the culinary world has always been dear. Helena started working in restaurants at the age of 14 (from dishwasher, to waitress and chef) and has since, always been experimenting and creating new fun and creative dishes.

Helena founded End.Grain together with Vanessa in the hope that people will be open to something fun and different -- breaking away from a normal restaurant experience.These upcoming monthly events will represent a HOME-feeling and tastes of LOVE which often is not found in restaurants. Helena hopes this project can give people a new and different perspective to enjoy a high quality food experience.


Event Details


Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Party of 20

Start date/time:
Dec 09. 2012   18:00

End date/time:
Dec 09. 2012   23:30

Contribution, starting from:

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