Vanessa P.

  31 years old



  Interested in Guys


Trust & Reputation

45 Guests hosted
2 Pop-ups hosted
0 Pop-ups attended
1 High Fives
2 Superhero Credits

Hey, I'm Vanessa Pope

And the best thing you've ever done for me is to help me take my life less seriously it's only life after all. -The Indigo Girls

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High Fives

On Nov 19. 2012

High Five from a Guest at Water Into Wine: A Pop-up Feast

Feast is not an exaggeration! Vanessa's first Water into Wine event was a complete experience. She was a perfect host in every way. All senses were tantalized. The night climaxed somewhere around the smooth live sounds of Kevita and Olli and her and Helena's homemade ravioli. I left beyond satiated and with a few new interesting friends.

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