Discover pop-up parties
& meet new people.


Chowbunga is a platform to meet new
people by hosting or attending Pop-ups.

What’s a Pop-up?

A private affair among hand-picked guests,
that pops up in a unique setting.

Unite to party!

Join a community that relies on member-driven trust, safety, and cost-sharing tools to throw parties and meet.

A new social option!

Avoid typical going-out life. Share experiences
and make genuine connections with people
you want to meet.

Unite for value!

Request an invite to experiences like open bar
artisan cocktails, served by the best bartenders
in town.

Be a superhero!

Rescue new friends and old from
the ordinary by hosting your own Pop-up.

Be the first to know when unique events pop up in your area
Not in NYC? Then tell us where to launch next.

It's already happening in NYC...


hosted by Max Messier

Let's: Huddle in the blowout shelter with The Brooklyn Bar Chef at an undisclosed loft deep in the ... more →
Party of 60
Dec 20.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn


hosted by Vanessa and Helena

Let's: Gather for a local, organic, seasonal, vegetarian underground dinner. For the second event in this dinner series: ... more →
Party of 20
Dec 09.
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Water Into Wine: A Pop-up Feast

hosted by Vanessa Pope

Let's: Start disrupting undignified restaurant practices by gathering for an experimental restaurant project at a private pop-up location. ... more →
Party of 24
Nov 18.
Crown Heights, Brooklyn
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What people are saying...

Everyone was nice, fun and respectful. Chowbunga is a great way to meet new people.
- Lauren Davis of The Raines Law Room
Chowbunga, you rock!! Such a good time!!
- Amanda Leigh Maffucci from New Year's Eve Party
More things like this should happen. I can't state enough how much we loved the party and the whole setup.
- Miguel and Rachel from Mad Men
We had a great time and definitely want to host! I absolutely love Chowbunga events!
- Laura Kroh from Cocktails and Cupcakes
We had such a nice time at the event. Great people and even better cocktails.
- Ashley Willisch from Feel'n Lucky
I had a great time at last week's party and am looking forward to this week's party.
- David Charme from Sail Away

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Be the first to know when unique events pop up in your area

Not in NYC? Then tell us where to
launch next.

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